About Us

Edgewood is a neighborhood school with approximately 350 students.  We are a 2 section school that serves grades 4K-5th grade.  We're proud of our diverse student body--we have over 22 languages and cultures represented in our student body.  We value home-school connections, and see ourselves as partners with parents.  

Academically, work to ensure that each child is appropriately engaged in instruction.  In reading and writing, we use a workshop approach, in which students are taught skills and strategies, and then practice them in books at their individual reading levels.  In math, we work to develop deep conceptual understanding prior to moving to standard algorithms. Our instruction is based on the Common Core State Standards. Science instruction is very hands-on, and the inquiry process is used heavily in social studies.  All students in grades 5K-5 receive art, music, and physical education instruction weekly, and guidance lessons every other week.   Our 4K program is full-day, and students go PE once a week, and the library twice a week. 

We work to ensure that every child succeeds.  One way of supporting academic needs is through Tiger Time, which occurs  four times a week.  During this 30 minute block, students receive bonus instruction to either help them master skills/concepts that were difficult for them, or enrichment instruction that pushes them to understand a concept or process more deeply.  We're lucky to have the support of an English Learner Teacher, a Reading Specialist/Title 1 Teacher, and an Instructional Coach.  Our school counselor also provides individual and small group support to support students' engagement in school.  

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