Character Education at Edgewood

Pawsitively Edgewood 

Respectful, Responsible, Confident Thinkers 


 Character Traits 

In addition to a strong focus on academics, we strive to instill core values in our students. Creating Respectful, Responsible, Confident Thinkers is a priority for staff and parents, as evidenced by our parent survey and staff conversations.  

Community Assemblies 

These gatherings occur two times a month and bring our school community together to learn and celebrate our character traits in action. 

Pawsitively Edgewood Matrix 

As a school community we strive to do what is right, even when no one is looking. We see the positives of clearly identifying what is expected and what it looks like. Having common language for students and staff helps ensure we are on the same page.  

Morning Meetings 

Establishing a caring culture in each classroom is important at our school. The chance for children to interact with one another each morning helps establish confidence and many important communication skills.  

Buddy Bonding 

Younger classes are paired with older classes for monthly activities. This provides older students with the opportunity to foster leadership skills and a chance for younger students to have role models in their older    

School Bus Communities 

4th graders help K4 students get home on the bus, and 5th graders teach K5 students how to get home at the end of the day. Safety Patrol helps promote a healthy and safe climate in our hallways and on our sidewalks. Peaceful School Bus fosters relationships on bus routes.  

Buddy Benches 

A safe place for students to go on the playground if they are feeling sad or lonely. Other children have the opportunity to put their empathy in action by asking students if they would like to play or walk and talk.  

Peer Groups  

A caring group of peers that provides support and friendship to focal students with disabilities.  

Student Leadership Team 

This team serves as a vehicle for student input on a variety of issues. A primary area of focus includes spearheading Alex’s Lemonade Stand. 


Parents support our various efforts by offering input, financial support or volunteering time at our various school events. One example is parents hosting our “Annual School Picnic” in June. 

Character In Action 

Apaws slips are given to students and staff who have demonstrated a character trait in action. Students of the Month are nominated by our school community and are children who show strong character traits on a regular basis.  

Service to Others 

Service Learning, Service Projects, Community Service. We do various school, local and global initiatives to help teach our students the value of doing for others.